Meriden XC Grooming Report 02-14-2022

Monday morning update from Bill Knight:

I groomed for the clinics on the airstrip and Ira’s and Sally’s Loops yesterday. The conditions are definitely frozen granular – best for skating but grip is available for no wax classical skiing. Today we will groom the trails across the bridge in the early afternoon. We are planning to leave the Smokehouse Loops for the majority of the week to save snow during the late week warm up.

Souhegan High School will be hosting a sprint race on Saturday starting in the morning. The sprints will all happen on the Smokehouse Loops and the trails in the school fields. People can stay out of the action by skiing on the trails across the bridge. Or be out on the Smokehouse trails and cheer!

🌨 ❤❤❤❤❤ ❄❄🌨❄🌨❄🌨=======================

We got a lot of snow! Please donate to the trails fund!. Bill and other groomers have been busy this winter. Your donations go directly for fuel and maintenance on our machines and upkeep of the trails all year long!

Make your check payable to "Town of Plainfield" with "Trails" on the memo line. (They need to know it goes to our account.) Your contribution will be tax-deductible, and you can either put it in the donation box at the kiosk in the parking lot OR send it directly to the town at the following address:

Town of Plainfield
Attn: Bill Knight
Plainfield Trail Coordinator
PO Box 380
Meriden, NH 03770

Thanks for your support!