Meriden XC Grooming Report 3-7-2021

Hi everyone,

Bill wrote yesterday (apologies for the late delivery):

We have loosened the surface of the trail system during the week just passed, and the skiing has been good on a frozen granular surface. We plan to groom on Saturday morning this weekend. All trails will have a freshly groomed surface for the start of the weekend. Should be pretty good skiing.

I skied yesterday afternoon and Bill was being a little modest – the skiing was excellent! All the trails were groomed (nice and wide, too) and the coverage was excellent. In dense areas of woods there was some pine needles, cones, etc. mixed in (beware, waxers), but it wasn’t too bad. Fast skiing on a hard base with enough soft corn on top to feel safe on the downhills and not skid on the uphills skating. Saw a few classic skiers (and fat bikers) out and everyone looked happy.

This represented hours and hours and hours of grooming – it takes multiple passes on the same trail to break down that icy, frozen snow. We are truly lucky to have such a dedicated group of volunteers, headed by Bill, doing this for us.

Hope you get out today!


Have you made your donation to the grooming and equipment fund yet this year? We’re going through gas, oil, and repairs every day! Make your check payable to "Town of Plainfield" with "Trails" on the memo line. (They need to know it goes to our account.) Your contribution will be tax deductible, and you can either put it in the donation box at the kiosk in the parking lot OR send it directly to the town at the following address:

Town of Plainfield

Attn: Bill Knight

Plainfield Trail Coordinator

PO Box 380

Meriden, NH 03770

Thanks for your support!