Meriden XC Grooming Report 2/5/2021

Bill Knight reports:

We have managed to get a couple of passes on all the major trails including Ira’s Loop. There is a women’s skate clinic there Sunday, so I hope to get more grooming done there this morning to form the surface – trails that have been groomed just once are slightly soft – it takes a second day of grooming to firm them up. The classic skiing is very fine on those surfaces, however.

We held a classic race during the day Wednesday, our first chance to ski on the Smokehouse trails this calendar year. Much fun was had and other folks had fun skiing across the bridge. We anticipate Wednesday racing on those trails every Wednesday in February.

Trails should be in good shape for the weekend. One groomer is down for repair, so set tracks are limited to what was done on Wednesday. I hope to have the machine fixed by the end of the weekend.

– Bill

It has been a beautiful week out on the trails thanks to the snow (of course) and the great grooming work. Smokehouse trails open all the way over across the bridge up to Ira’s. Carla Chandler shared a photo from Wednesday morning of the perfect corduroy up toward the top of so inclined.


Many of you have donated this year, thank you so much. For those of you who want to send in donations: We’re going through gas, oil, and repairs every day! Make your check payable to "Town of Plainfield" with "Trails" on the memo line. (They need to know it goes to our account.) Your contribution will be tax deductible, and you can either put it in the donation box at the kiosk in the parking lot OR send it directly to the town at the following address:

Town of Plainfield

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Thanks for your support!