Meriden Trails Report 12-18-2020


Time to ski!

The generous dose of snow we got Thursday was powdery and lacked base, so the grooming was challenging, but Bill and crew got it done.

Bill reports:

The flat areas – Wastewater Way, the Bridge Trail, and the Field Loops are all groomed and firm.

The snow was too fluffy to allow traction to climb the hilly trails, so getting more trails open beyond the flats will be challenging. I expect Deerpath could be opened tomorrow. Slightly warmer weather will help.

And believe it or not, your snowshoeing and skiing on the ungroomed trails helps our snowmobiles float.

See you out there!


How to donate to the grooming, trail maintenance, and equipment fund – Make your check payable to "Town of Plainfield" with "Trails" on the memo line. (They need to know it goes to our account.) Your contribution will be tax-deductible, and you can either put it in the donation box at the kiosk in the parking lot OR send it directly to the town at the following address:

Town of Plainfield

Attn: Bill Knight

Plainfield Trail Coordinator

PO Box 380

Meriden, NH 03770

Thanks for your support!